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The interesting story of my life, like my next book or soon-to-be diet, is still at the draft stage. Please remain seated for the entire performance as the good part, I still believe, is yet to come! Oscar Wilde says, "Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future". This is my favorite quote to avoid talking about my past or future and enjoying the ambivalence of my life made of living in the present moment crazily while reviewing the past nostalgically and


daydreaming about the future joyfully. Changing countries one after another has also helped me to lose and get more lost. I used to consider travel as my passion, or even my lifestyle. It took me a while to realize that it is possible to travel in time and space by reading, listening, watching and, above all, observing and thinking without the thirst for ticking countries off a list and collecting facebook or instagram photos greedily. Travel is just an input that does not necessarily result in a better output, i.e. a better person with a deeper worldview. This self-made "outputism" is my favorite way of evaluating others to focus on their output for whatever input they got. "A citizen of the world, and a dreamer of another" could be my best shot at summarizing the story until now. However, as Hegel believes we only can know ourselves through the eyes of another, I am most likely a moody friend, that annoying witty colleague or just another noisy guy at the party. 

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